Diane Cook

Author Of Man V. Nature

“Here’s a good rule: If Diane Cook wrote it, read it.”


“What I like most about these stories is that many of them are dispatches from the end of the world, and it turns out to be a surprisingly familiar place.”

IRA GLASS, Host, This American Life

“Cook writes assuredly of archetypal terror and even more insightfully of hunger—for food, friendship, love, and, above all, survival. A canny, refined, and reverberating debut.”


“Diane Cook’s stories are like high-wattage bulbs strung across a sinister, dark land. Man V. Nature is equal parts dazzle and depth.”

RAMONA AUSUBEL, author of No One is Here Except All of Us and A Guide to Being Born

“Lively, apocalypse-tinged tales ... Cook mines the moments that precede the losses — when the battles are truly raging — and it’s in them that she finds great beauty and strangeness.”

New York Times Book Review

“Man V. Nature is a knockout ... every single story could make a great movie.”


“Life is the fight, Cook seems to be saying, and how we tackle it ultimately defines us.”

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Man V. Nature


Perfectly pitched and gorgeously penned, this astonishingly bold collection of stories explores the boundary between the wild and the civilized. Pitting human beings against the extremes of nature, Diane Cook surgically peels back the layers of civilization to lay bare our vulnerabilities and the ease with which our darker, primal urges emerge. Wry, transgressive and utterly unique, Cook’s wildly inventive debut collection illuminates, with surreal humor and heart­break, humankind’s struggle not only to thrive, but survive.

About Diane

Diane Cook is the author of the story collection Man V. Nature, and was formerly a producer for the radio show, This American Life. Man V. Nature was a finalist for the Believer Book Award and the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction, received Honorable Mention for the PEN/Hemingway award, and was recently longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. Her stories have appeared in Harper’s, Tin House, Granta, and elsewhere and anthologized in Best American Short Stories. She lives in Oakland, CA.