Episode 323 — Diane Cook

Diane Cook is the guest. Her debut story collection, Man V. Nature, is available . . .

Memory: Diane Cook

From the current issue, and available to read online, Diane Cook’s “Moving . . .

“Meteorologist Dave Santana” by Diane Cook

Diane Cook is the author of the story collection Man V. Nature, forthcoming . . .

The Wilderness Within: Author Diane Cook on “Man V. Nature”

Claire Cameron and I have something in common: we both like books about the . . .

Diane Cook Writes from a Place of Fear

In the 68th in a series of posts on 2014 books entered for The Story Prize, . . .

In Conversation: Sam Lipsyte and Diane Cook

Sam Lipsyte and Diane Cook talk about the uncertainties of their craft, time-traveling . . .

“Life Is Very Precarious”

In Diane Cook’s “The Mast Year,” Jane is having an exceptionally great . . .

Interview with Harbor Light News

The best books make readers think and feel and question...They become a piece . . .

Swan Lake For Beginners

It all began with a very young scientist named Vladimir Latska, who lived and . . .

INTERVIEW: Thomas Pierce, author of Hall of Small Mammals

This summer, I started following Thomas Pierce on Twitter. I’d admired the . . .

“They’re People Like You and Me”

In Diane Cook’s daring debut story collection, Man V. Nature, mothers lose . . .

Book Notes – Diane Cook “Man V. Nature”

Diane Cook's dark and boldly imaginative Man V. Nature is one of the decade's . . .

From Floods to Baby Snatchers: The Dark World of Author Diane Cook

Imagine a neighborhood where it's perfectly normal for babies to be stolen the . . .

Man V. Nature Excerpt

It had been days since Phil and his two oldest friends drunkenly fished from . . .

Marrying Up

Just before the world got bad, I married, for love, a man who was funny and . . .

Girl On Girl

Freshman year starts, and somehow everyone is someone else, someone older, someone . . .

A Conversation With Karolina Waclawiak

One of my favorite moments in Karolina Waclawiak’s second novel, The Invaders (Regan . . .

Big and Small: An Interview with Anne Valente

Diane Cook talks with Anne Valente about her short story collectionBy Light . . .

Discussing Man V. Nature with Diane Cook

Diane Cook’s stories work like carnival mirrors, warping the familiar into . . .

“It’s Us V. Us”: An Interview With Diane Cook

I had the chance to talk to my friend Diane Cook about her debut collection, . . .

Man V. Nature: An Interview With Diane Cook

My friend and former This American Life colleague, Diane Cook, just wrote her . . .

Nature V. Diane Cook

In Diane Cook’s collection Man V. Nature (October 2014/ HarperCollins), we . . .